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Yesterday, halfway through our list of ten candidates, a whole bunch of former co-ops went out to lunch with Coombs and me. We headed off to Ben Thanh Viet Thai, a place that serves the Ultimate Spring Rolls. Boy are they good.

Julie and I had dinner afterwards, which consisted of going to a "fine dining" experience in uptown Waterloo. She and I were very upset about the quality of the food, but at least they were able to cook my steak blue. As for Julie's seared tuna, the whole plate was waterlogged and mushy. I think we'll stick to our normal restaurants from now on.

Afterwards, I showed up to Julie's microeconomics class to sit around and wait for Coombs to show up on IRC. (He never did.) But I got to listen to Prof. Smith rave on about how Free Software (and other Groups of Interest) were changing the economy so that was quite interesting. Afterwards, I talked to icedrake where we had a small debate on whether user-interface people show know how to implement their designs.


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20th Oct, 2004 13:34 (UTC)
...and if you want to continue, I'll be glad to, now that you're more rested (and in this less time-stressed format).
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