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Porting software

  • 24th Oct, 2004 at 4:23 AM

This was a day to port software.

I managed to acquire an account on the undergraduate CS servers at Waterloo, because someone asked very nicely. They did this because they wanted me to be able to do a port of WvStreams to Solaris. Most of Friday night was spent devoted to this, and all of yesterday. Adam Sterling and Adrian Dewhurst did their bit to help me slog through compilation errors, and for that work, I am quite grateful. In fact, it looks like I've squashed the last unit test bug, and can go to bed now.

Hmm. Except that all the metros have stopped running.

Ah well, I suppose I can crash on the couch while I wait for the metro to start back up again. Besides, Avery is here to keep me company. He is (less successfully) hacking away at the Windows port of WvStreams.