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I hate driving

  • 15th Dec, 2003 at 11:08 PM

I leave Waterloo with partially cloudy skies and a sniffly nose.

I arrive in Montréal with a splitting headache, hacking cough, in the dead of night, after six hours of non-stop driving, to a city that is buried in fifteen centimetres of snow.

The parking lot at the Hertz is unrecognisable. The cars within look like ice cream cones. Some old businessman looks very irate since he can't back a car out of the parking lot. It's stuck because it doesn't have any snow tires. I park my rental car and wait half-an-hour before I get to tell the people at the counter my mileage and fuel usage.

I then cross the street, go to the office, eat some cold pizza and pass out of the couch. My friend Jim wakes me up a couple of hours later and walks home with me.

So miserable. Tylenol, you are my friend.


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15th Dec, 2003 21:49 (UTC)
Oh no!

Poor Simon! I saw on the TV after you left that yesterday was a major storm in Montreal. :-(

I wish I was there to tuck you in.

I'm glad you got home safely, though, if less than pleasantly.

16th Dec, 2003 00:30 (UTC)
Eep! Apparently some people were driving snowmobiles in the streets of Montreal!

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