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More Chinese cookery

  • 10th Nov, 2004 at 1:27 AM

My interest has returned to Chinese cuisine. I long to recreate the smells and sounds of my childhood.

Tonight, I spent a couple hours making 餃子 (chinese dumplings) from scratch. I bought some fatty pork and minced it with two knives. I took some garlic chives and scallions, and diced them up. In the mix, I threw some scallops and sesame seed oil. Finally, a fresh egg.

I rolled out a simple flour-water dough into little wrappers, stuffed them full of filling, and plunged them into churning hot water. The first ones came out bland, so I added some soy sauce to the filling. The next ones came out too chewy, so I rolled my wrappers thin. The last ones that came out were perfect and happy. I couldn't help but eat some right as they came out—a quick dunk in 淅醋 and then popped into the mouth. Mmmm!

I think I shall bring some tomorrow and eat them with some instant noodles.