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  • 11th Nov, 2004 at 11:56 AM

It's snowing.

A couple minutes ago, a Remembrance Day parade came down Aylmer street. It looks like the Black Watch armoury down the block is parading in our area. There's drumming, and bagpipes, and very sharp looking uniforms.

I think hub_ has a photograph of this.


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11th Nov, 2004 17:57 (UTC)
There was a parade? And I missed it? Gah. And here I was just ranting to people yesterday about how it seems that there is such a lack of November 11th observances... and there was a parade.

On another note: BRING ON THE SNOW!

:) Nancy
11th Nov, 2004 18:16 (UTC)
I do have. But I need a place to post them. Still no server.
12th Nov, 2004 00:56 (UTC)
E-mail them to sfllaw@nit.ca, and I'll put them up.
12th Nov, 2004 15:10 (UTC)
13th Nov, 2004 05:29 (UTC)
Well, OK. I guess that works too.
13th Nov, 2004 15:40 (UTC)
I'll post them. Don't worry. I just need to have my server back, and that should happen ASAP.
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