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13th Nov, 2004

  • 1:40 AM

The computer downstairs won't stay up for more than four hours at a time. Its primary job is to be the Internet connexion for my Toronto home; as well as provide essential services like e-mail. But it doesn't do that now, it just hangs, with no kernel oopses or anything.

I wonder what could be wrong? I did a block-scan fsck, and now I'm running memtest86 overnight.


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13th Nov, 2004 13:51 (UTC)
Checked the fans?
13th Nov, 2004 15:43 (UTC)
First thing I did. Nothing seems to be stopped, and the system runs cool as a cucumber.
13th Nov, 2004 14:06 (UTC)
Memory or heat.
13th Nov, 2004 17:26 (UTC)
I was guessing memory as well, but it appears that the motherboard is broken. My current theory is that the memory controller has given up the ghost.
13th Nov, 2004 18:59 (UTC)
I had similar problems because of a borken ide controller.
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