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Computer problems

  • 14th Nov, 2004 at 2:55 AM

It's weekends like these that remind me why I'm not a sysadmin anymore.

The e-mail server was troubled with a busted motherboard. The memory controller would mess up at certain addresses, something serendipitously discovered by running Memtest86. So I dug around for an old computer to salvage.

Aha. My sister has an old computer. And we recently picked up a Pentium III, so we can upgrade her. I'll just duplicate her Windows drive on to another hard disk, and… Crap. It doesn't like the new IDE controller. After much cursing, I finally convinced Windows to like the machine that is its new home. Grr!

Oh yeah, as for swapping the drives for the e-mail server, boy do I like Linux's driver support.


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14th Nov, 2004 14:26 (UTC)
That would have been an occasion to switch her to Linux, no ?
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