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Phase shifting

  • 25th Nov, 2004 at 11:50 AM

Ever had one of those nights where you could sleep, because you've been thinking too much?

That was me, last night. So I just SSHed into work and hacked and hacked and hacked until I emptied my brain. Then I slept like a baby.

Until the phone rang and woke me up. However, it is a good time to head into work, so I guess I'll do just that.



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25th Nov, 2004 21:03 (UTC)
After his defeat in New Hampshire in 1996, Bob Dole said: "The night after I slept like a baby. Every two hours I woke up and cried." (from http://web.reporter-news.com/shns/story.cfm?pk=CONCESSIONS-10-28-04&cat=PP). I love that quote.
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