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Hit and run

  • 15th Dec, 2004 at 5:04 PM

As I was rushing to get into the metro car yesterday, someone rounded the corner and socked me right in the ribs.

They still hurt today.

If they hurt tomorrow, I suppose I should see if an X-ray would be in order.



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15th Dec, 2004 22:17 (UTC)
Wow. I wouldn't wait until tomorrow. I would go this evening. But that's just me.
16th Dec, 2004 01:28 (UTC)
Even if your ribs are broken (which I really hope they're not), they can't be immobilised since you have to move them to breathe, and I'm guessing the treatment will be painkillers and advice to avoid strenuous activity. I'd still see a doctor, but it's probably not worth spending hours in an emergency room for such a diagnosis.
16th Dec, 2004 00:14 (UTC)
That sounds painful. You should probably have your ribs checked out ASAP...this sort of injury might be more than a case of bruised ribs. Better to be safe then sorry. By the way, think of how much worse it's be if you hadn't packed all that insulation on while in university...you probably be in a lot more pain ;) (ah...the positives of gaining the freshman 15)

Neway, I'm almost done exams...1 more to go! Can you believe that we're gonna be going to HK in a bit more than a week? How cool is that? We get to ditch this cold weather! I can't wait!
16th Dec, 2004 06:30 (UTC)
I can't imagine sfllaw with 15lb less looking anything near healthy.

And I'm suddenly hit with the realisation I have become the stereotypical Eastern European mother figure: I keep telling people around me they should gain weight.

But, back on topic, hukuma is right on what standard advice is for bruised or cracked ribs. For broken ribs, they might try to do some realignment if it's necessary -- I'm not completely sure how that works for ribs.

Hope you feel better and right soon.
17th Dec, 2004 08:26 (UTC)
Oh no! Get it checked out! Hope you feel better soon.
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