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Trip to Hong Kong, Day 3

  • 29th Dec, 2004 at 8:02 PM

We started today by going to the observation deck of a particularly tall office building, whose name now escapes me. For some reason, the air pollution had dropped drastically overnight, and it was possible to see across the harbour without a pinkish haze blurring everything. Hong Kong really has quite the plethora of skyscrapers.

We returned to the street level and proceeded to walk around. We found ourselves firmly in the tourist district, and saw people getting their wedding photographs taken. We also walked along a "Walk of Stars", where they had handprints of famous Hong Kong film stars imprinted into the ground.

Eventually, we wandered into a shopping district. Somehow, we got sucked into a fancy clothing store, and emerged with some clothing. I think my dad got a jacket (with pockets for any electronic device), and my mother and sister ended up with some shirts. My pocketbook, thankfully, escaped unscathed.

I ride an old-style tram
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

We met up with Uncle Gene, and visited the Hong Kong Museum of History, where we rushed through their History of Hong Kong exhibit in 45 minutes. The museum closed and we then went to a public commentary session. This had to do with a new development in West Kowloon, where they want to build a new iconic structure. Instead of a boring city council meeting, there were three companies with big models, computer displays, and flashy pamphlets. Apparently, they do this to sell these developments to people, so the people don't write in and object.

Mom and Dad left Flora and I to have dinner with their old high school friends. Uncle Luk and his wife took us to a Macanese restaurant. The Mecanese were forcibly westernised by Portugal, so their cusine reflects a fusion between the two cuisines. We had a very delicious and novel meal.

After this, we strolled around a mall and Flora bumped into a clearance sale, where she picked up some incredibly cheap jewellry for her friends back home.