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Trip to Hong Kong, Day 2

  • 28th Dec, 2004 at 8:03 PM

After breaking fast, we left for my maternal grandparents' flat. We sat and chatted for a while, before we went for dim sum at the Super Star Seafood Restaurant. Things were quite tasty, and not only that, we think we were undercharged.

We went into the mall that was attached, Times Square, I think. As we looked around electronics boutiques, f_law's stomach decided that she would be ill. We rushed her to the washroom while we went to look for a pharmacy. Medication is a little different here, and it was a while before we were able to find something appropriate.

We did a little more walking around, before we realised that we needed some clothes. So we got off the underground somewhere, and went down a street that was filled with people who sold towels, socks and underwear. Exactly what we didn't bring enough of.

After getting some more essentials, we hopped back on the underground and went to an outdoor market. There were live shrimp, and vendors hawking their wares along the street. It was just like I walked into some televised travelogue. We bought some tasty treats, went back to our maternal grandparents' flat, and prepared fondue.