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On Fishing in Hong Kong

  • 5th Jan, 2005 at 8:44 AM

I just watched a television program on TVB's daily show. There was a dorky looking guy who is a regular on the show, who tells people how to fish. He first started by showing his viewers how to make a simple fish-stock, in order to make a decent fish-based rice gruel. But that's not particularly interesting or special.

What is interesting is the expected size of hobby fishes caught in Hong Kong. They seem to be in the 500g to 1kg range. To reflect this, fishing equipment seems primitive by Canadian standards. Standard equipment seems to be a plastic hand-held spool, which holds a monofiliment line, or which are hung plain hooks and lead-shot weights. The host recommended a 1kg line for the particular fish he was trying to catch, and teeny-tiny hooks. Actually, there was this cruel-looking multi-barbed octopus-type hook. The idea is to put the bait about 10cm above this particular hook, and when the fish are biting it, you set the hook into their bellies. This obviously is not meant to promote catch-and-release. Standard bait appears to be a flour-water dough, perhaps with an egg mixed in. Or American white bread, which is rolled into a ball. Another popular bait is a plain flour fritter. As well, it appears that fish traps are also legal here.

I guess the two primary differences between hobby fishing in Canada and Hong Kong are (1) fish are larger in Canada, and (2) the Canadian government is more concerned with conservation of fish. These two factors influence the methods employed to catch fish.