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Trip to Hong Kong, Day 12

  • 7th Jan, 2005 at 1:03 PM

Covered overpass
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I went out early this morning, by myself, at 8:00. Hong Kong is a beautiful city when the sun is just coming up and the streets are devoid of people. Peaceful. Then, people start trying to get to work and crowd into the streets, and it becomes suffocating again.

In any event, I set out to take photographs of Quarry Bay, which is the neighbourhood where I'm staying. After that, I crowded into the MTR (subway system) and headed for Central station. There, I got out and took some photographs of the General Post Office, and it was only there that I successfully located some reasonably-priced postcards. And stamps, which cost as much as the postcards themselves. I wrote a quick card to Julie, since hers was the only address I could remember, and quickly headed back home.

Along the way, I stopped at a Free Internet terminal inside the MTR system. It's provided for travellers so they can check their e-mail for 15 minutes. However, JavaScript is turned off, so I was unable to use my GMail account. I think that any webmail system should really have sensible fallbacks for when scripting is disabled.

By 10:00, I was supposed to meet people at a restaurant, and there was much confusion. This lead to my getting misdirected. But eventually, I was found, and brought to the proper establishment where we ate some early dim sum. Now I am back on the sofa, downloading pictures into my laptop and getting ready for a nice nap.

So far, my sister and I have taken 1800 pictures with our new digital camera. This averages out to about 225 pictures a day. We've really only kept 800, but that's still quite a few. Compare that with my dad's film camera where we used up only five rolls of film. It would be really expensive to burn film, but with a digital camera, one can feel free to take risks because exposures are so cheap. And I've been able to capture wonderfully fleeting moments that I coudn't have caught with a good manual film camera.

Speaking of which, I met a little cat named Small, and a big old dog named Panda. Aunt Judy habitually feeds them, so I took my camera out on this excursion. Their pictures are absolutely adorable.