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Trip to Hong Kong, Day 13

  • 8th Jan, 2005 at 10:04 AM

Prescription drugs
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Today, we moved out of Uncle Luk's place and into my paternal grandparents'. I'm sitting on my grandmother's bed, being absolutely miserable.

I went to the western doctor this morning, which was rather interesting. You register with the receptionist, up front, as usual. Then, you're ushered in to see the doctor, who makes a diagnosis. This particular doctor enters your information into a database, instead of actually writing into a file. Then, he prescribes some medication. Here's the odd part. You walk back out into the waiting area, and the receptionist is filling out the prescription. You pay both the doctor's fee and for the drugs right then.

After taking some of the medicine, from child-accessible ziplock bags, we had to send Flora and mom off to the airport. This was a reasonably good journey, as I drifted off halfway through. By the time I'm writing this, they should be flying over Siberia.

There's an open wireless access point in the vicinity, and I can sniff it, but I can't seem to get anywhere. DHCP doesn't offer me an address, but I can see other Windows boxes kicking around. Perhaps more time with Ethereal running will lead to Internet goodness?

After a nap, I found a new access point that's wide open. Yay!