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Strange lady

  • 20th Dec, 2003 at 1:30 PM

Kelly, Will, and I went to some café-club last night for a pitcher or two of beer. Will, being the gentleman he is, treated us to drinks and some snacks. This was good, since I hadn't had much to eat except crackers and soup.

We were probably chatting about WikiWikiWebs when out of nowhere, this girl named Rebecca came up and introduced herself, drink in hand. She sat down beside me, across from Kelly and Will. Apparently she arrived that afternoon from Niagra Falls, and she seemed really interested in us because we were the first English [read Ontarian] voices she'd heard all day.

Kelly takes this as a lead and goes into instinctual Marketing Mode. He played up all of us as aspiring successful men to the young lady and got her name in return. According to her, she's up in Montréal to visit a friend and was enjoying the novelty of the weather. After a brief moment of conversation, she thanked us and left; with a promise to look up Kelly in the summer.

I noticed that both Kelly and Will were looking over my shoulder, and did a fairly poor job of being inconspicuous. It seemed that she ditched the friend she was visiting to come sit with us on some couches for a good fifteen minutes. What a horrible mess!

I suspected that this was something of the sort when she dropped by. I'm mostly background noise, so people don't often sit beside me. Thankfully I'm the silent-type when it comes to girls so this caused her to focus on Kelly and Will. Sometimes I think to myself, "Self, maybe I should get out less."