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Back in Toronto

  • 22nd Dec, 2003 at 1:35 PM

I've moved from Montréal. Boxes were packed Saturday, and loaded into the car on Sunday. We had to run back to the office to pick up things that I had forgotten, but I think I've got everything. Then we drove for 6.5 hours down to Waterloo where we unloaded everything into my bedroom. It's nice to have gotten that done, then another hour's drive back to Toronto.

I'm back home once more. It's nice to be in a familiar place, somewhere you can feel safe. Well, mostly safe.

Ah, good old cold floors. Rice all the time. Computer junk lying about everywhere. It's nice and familiar.

I do want to visit Waterloo over the new year. Hmm, I see I have a dentist appointment on the 31st? When did that happen? I wonder if I can call and get it moved up? Or perhaps I could just go down right after it.


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22nd Dec, 2003 15:30 (UTC)
Come before! Come before!
Dude, come before! Come before! :-) Go to dentist later!
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