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Trip to Hong Kong, Day 14

  • 9th Jan, 2005 at 11:16 AM

Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

I spent most of yesterday sleeping and waking, sleeping and waking. Today I feel much revived.

Mom's little brother came to drive us around the countryside, which was a welcome respite from all this city that bustles around us. Still in the rural areas, people crawl. There's just no escaping the masses of people who live here.

We went and saw an old fishing village, where people still lived on their boats. They weren't junks, however, but rather motorboats complete with illegally wired electricity and fresh water. The fishermen there tended fish farms, which they build out in the middle of the water. A much more reliable supply then trolling the overfished sea.

Next we drove past a fresh-water reservoir, that was a whole meter below its normal level. Two months of dryness has meant that Hong Kong has been importing fresh water from China.

We also stopped to photograph some people fishing illegally off the coast of the sea. They were hanging out in front of a driving range, which is apparently the most popular way to play golf. At this place, "Golf & Fun", you could also buy materials to barbecue over brick firepits. Further down the road, there were public barbecuing pits where couples and teenagers roasted fish balls and weiners.

Eventually, we ended up driving to the border between Hong Kong and China, which was quite interesting. On the Hong Kong side were rural ramshakle houses, with tin roofs and bamboo struts. On the other, right up against the border, were high-rise apartments. Quite the juxtaposition.