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Trip to Hong Kong, Day 15

  • 10th Jan, 2005 at 7:42 AM

Mobile phones
Originally uploaded by sfllaw.

Being ill means spending most of the day in bed. I suspect that last night, I forgot to take my cough medicine before going to bed. This caused me to fail to sleep at all until I had my morning dose. Note to self, when you are coughing your lungs out and you think you've already taken your cough medicine, it's still probably alright to drink some more.

We walked down a street lined with stores, and bumped into a store that carried the new cellular telephone my dad had on him. It's a BenQ S700, and is priced at HK$3680. That's ludicrously expensive, and quite a generous gift.

We went into a mall, looking for a particular audio-visual store where we know. Wandering down a floor, we were suddenly accosted by ugly looking men standing outside their shopfronts. Now you have to imagine this mall like this. It's a square, with escalators bringing you up a corner. When you get to the floor, it's only 2m tall, so tall people would brust the ceiling. Each shopfront is maybe 2mx3m, the size of a small bedroom. And the hallways are just wide enough for two people to pass by. So standing in these hallways are men who are calling out to people as they walk past, trying to get them to buy (obviously) duplicated Video CDs and DVDs. What was disconcerting was seeing pictures of naked asian women with their privates pixellated—while walking down this hallway with my dad. Quite surreal actually.

We eventually escaped, and were able to make it to this AV store. Sadly, we discovered that SanDisk only makes MiniSD cards as large as 256MB. We were hoping for something in the 512MB range. Ah well, it will have to do.