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  • 6th Jan, 2004 at 2:40 PM

After a horribly exciting vacation, I am back in Waterloo. My new place seems to be nice, and my roommates are civil. So it appears that this is a good time to get back to school. If only I could stave off my narcoleptic tendencies during class.

The first week is always laid back, so I've taken advantage of this to get my life in order. My stuff is almost unpacked and I have a few things in the refridgerator now. Time to start planning my dinner party.

As usual, I actually learn something. For instance, did you know that banks don't like giving you large amounts of money from a branch that isn't yours? Odd, isn't it, since all your money is really just bits within a computer. It seems like this should just be able to handle your money no matter where you are. I think I need to make a long-distance call to Toronto now.