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Trip to Hong Kong, Day 18, Part 2

  • 13th Jan, 2005 at 6:11 AM

More observations about China, that I didn't make because I was too groggy when I got back. (Actually, cough medication over here packs a big punch. They must put some sleeping drugs in it, because normal decongestent-expectorant formulas don't make you incredibly tired.

Toll highways are everywhere in China, and they criss-cross the countryside. They cut through fields and mountains, apparently without regard to cost. I watched some people repave part of the expressway, and they were doing it by hand. That's right. Jackhammers for digging up the road, and people pushing around cement with paddles. It's truly scary how much cheap manpower China has.

The cities in China seem to be a hodgepodge of different architectures. There are little hovels sprinkled between huge concrete structures that show explosive growth. The design of all these buildings are about the same, with shps at the bottom, flats up top, and a terrace on the roof. All of this is built on red-clay soil.

The strangest thing about China is how little regard there is for life. People go about spitting in the streets after coughing up phlegm. People throw garbage into piles in their own backyards. Workers don't wear safety glasses or ear protection. Factories spew black clouds into the air.

Speaking of which, today was the first day of rain in a long time. It wasn't much of a rain, more of a continuous drizzle from morning to night. But it did clear the air a bit, and you could see off to the horizon. No stars came out at night though, and the moon was still obscured by a thin yellow haze.