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Warm pussy

  • 17th Jan, 2005 at 2:34 AM

It's nice to wake up with a warm pussy between your legs.

I have come home, and Julie's cat greets me pitifully from the sofa. She has returned to Waterloo in a big hurry, and so has abandoned everything here—even him. When he's around, I like to leave the door open, so that he can come in and find some company at night.

He likes to curl up between my legs, or lay down on my chest, or crawl under my blankets and snuggle. He exudes white innocence, as he purrs beneath the covers. I snore, and I like to believe that he thinks I'm purring too.

We've bonded, I think, and he shows me an incredible amount of affection. For a cat. And I like to think that I love him too.

Little tiger

Little tiger,
Soft and white,
With grace you glide
On little feet.

Little tiger,
Burning bright,
Pounce deft upon
Your little prey.

Little tiger
Warm and white
Can you chase my
Dreams away?

Simon Law
17 January 2005, 3:04.
Montréal, QC.



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17th Jan, 2005 00:14 (UTC)
Cats have no master, just friends. And they take good care of their friends.
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