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High pitched squealing

  • 17th Jan, 2005 at 4:00 AM

I noticed some thumping noises and some high pitched squealing. So I walk about the house and notice Timin in the dining room, batting something that is chirping in pain.

It's a bat. How did a bat get into the house? Well, there's blood on the floor, the bat's wing is broken, and Timin looks quite content at his prowess as a hunter. In order to encourage him to go after rodents, I think I will let him eat it.

However, I will have to do something about all the blood on the floor.



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17th Jan, 2005 01:12 (UTC)

Oh my. Poor bat. Sometimes cats just maim the animals to make a point, and don't bother finishing the kill. You might have to break it's neck. Arg.

17th Jan, 2005 01:47 (UTC)
He was a good kitty and killed it good.

I finished cleaning up the blood and telling him that he was good.

Bats fly though, and hang off of ceilings. So I have no idea how Timin got it.
17th Jan, 2005 10:11 (UTC)

Birds fly, too, but cats catch them. :)

We had a cat who specialized in bird catching. Silly cat. She could hunt and kill anything (squirrels, mice, lizards, birds), yet whined like a baby when other our cats so much as looked at her funny. They would chase her around, just to hear her screetch.

Poor thing got mouth cancer when she was 14 and had to be put down. :(
17th Jan, 2005 01:38 (UTC)
Ahh, a hunter! My favorites! Quite annoying, sometimes, as they leave bloodied corpses around, but you've got to have the respect for their skills!

I remember a neighbor's cat, going up into a tree. Later that day, two dead squirrels on the lawn. Oops.
17th Jan, 2005 04:43 (UTC)
Hopefully, Timin will eat the bat instead of just contributing it to the larder and hoping you'll eat some of it first because you're *so proud* of his skills. *giggle*
17th Jan, 2005 08:00 (UTC)
Just wait until the cat makes a kill, drags it upstairs and leaves it on your pillow. They'll do that to give you first go at the meat... an offering to the 'master' if you please. My sister has had numerous things left for her by her cat...
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