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Julie's gone

  • 17th Jan, 2005 at 8:20 PM

I walked around the house emptying the trash cans today, and when I came to Julie's, it really hit me that she was here, but now she's gone.

You know those pictures you see, the ones of Pompeii or Chernobyl? Where it looks like everyone just dropped what they were doing and left? That's what her room looks like. There are my teacups, sitting on her desk, tea dried to the bottom. As if she didn't have time to finish drinking, before running to catch her train.

Sometimes I wonder what she's doing, as I sit in my room and think. I hope she's doing well and enjoying her courses. Math has been her passion, and so I hope it gives her comfort when her hands are in pain. I ask that my friends help her, as they would help me. She is my very best friend.



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19th Jan, 2005 09:13 (UTC)
I'm doing my best to keep her fed and happy. Our futon isn't the most comfortable bed in the world though.
19th Jan, 2005 09:18 (UTC)
Thank you for trying. I really appreciate it.

I know that beds are a sensitive spot for Julie. We've had many futon purchasing expeditions to try to get a non-painful sleeping surface. Julie's sleep isn't quite as robust as mine, unfortunately.

Give her my regards.
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