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Last night

  • 20th Jan, 2005 at 7:52 AM

Last night, Damian brought Last Night to work. Allison told me how powerful it was when she first saw it in the theatre, and apparently everyone sat around to watch to credits at the end.

I watched it, even though I was incredibly tired, because I thought it would be interesting. I always like powerful art, because it makes me think and feel in ways I don't normally. dcoombs and I have gone to several plays, and they've always been good at affecting me.

Maybe my expectations were set to high, but Last Night really didn't do anything to me. When I see live theatre, the actors always seem to be able to reach out and cup my heart in their hands. They can calm it, or crush it, and I'm at their mercy. I can never detach myself from the emotions that play out, in front of my eyes. But in this film, I could never connect. Abstractly, I understood the message but my heartstrings were never pulled, no tears left my eyes.

I did, however, laugh inappropriately at all the funny ironic scenes. I've got to stop doing that. I think almost nobody appreciates cinematic irony as much as I do.



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20th Jan, 2005 08:11 (UTC)
In my experience, I become substantially more reserved and detached when I am extremely tired; perhaps the film would have grabbed you more if you had been less of a zombie.

There were certainly aspects of it that grabbed me: the futility of the gas executive, the helplessness/patience/impatience/rage of the mother on the streetcar with her daughter, some meek exchanges between Sandra and Patrick, as well as the very last few seconds.

That said, my expectations had indeed been set higher. I questioned myself throughout, which was clearly the point. But for all the realism in the characters and the situations, not much pathos was evoked and I couldn't identify with them quite well enough to really put myself in their place. I don't know where such things come from, though; maybe that's why it's often called the "magic" of the movies. In any case, the film was far from leaving me cold, but it didn't leave me particularly stirred either. I liked it, but I wanted to like it more.
20th Jan, 2005 08:25 (UTC)
I liked it, but I wanted to like it more.

So did I.
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