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Little fires

  • 23rd Jan, 2005 at 2:06 PM

As I was cleaning up parts of the dining room, I found a plate full of melted wax. Julie was probably burning candles on it, and it took me forever to scrape it clean.

There was, however, a half-burnt candle that was left standing there. So I pried it out, and looked around for a place to put it. Up high on the shelf, I noticed my pyrex custard cups and thought, "perfect." I put in a little bit of water, floated the candle in it, and lit it.

Now there's a super flamey candle sitting next to my keyboard as I type this. It dances and flickers in the most pleasing way. I wonder why I've never liked candles before, because this one is rather nice. I was a quite the little firestarter as a child, so I should have discovered this earlier.