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I decided to do something reasonable, and get to work rather early today. Why? Because I remember that it's very peaceful in the office before all the other slow pokes arrive.

Still, getting up at 6:00 was discouraged immediately. The NitiHouse is heated with an ancient radiator system. This is one of the reasons why we get free, and very hot, water. The primary disadvantage to radiant heat is that it dries everything out. Waking up felt like crawling out of a desert grave. Hot sand scoured my nostrils and poured down my lungs. The only thing to do was run a hot bath, and sit in it, breathing in the delicious mosture.

Getting to work at rush hour was not a good idea either. I was packed like a sardine in the metro, and had random strangers jab me in the gut. As we were pulling out of one station, the engineer slammed on the brakes, causing everyone to fly forward. I had an obese man fall on top of my arm. It still hurts to type.

And I arrive at the office, and none of the elevators work. "Ah well," I think to myself, "I shall use this as an excuse to get some cardiovascular exercise." Six flights of stairs later, I sit down at my computer and wonder why typing doesn't do anything to wake it up. Ah. The power is out.

Oh, what a beautiful morning.


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24th Jan, 2005 06:19 (UTC)
For some reason I expected "NitiHouse" to be autorendered as a WikiWord. I'm not sure why.
24th Jan, 2005 06:31 (UTC)
That's because NitiHouse is a WikiWord.
24th Jan, 2005 09:31 (UTC)
This is supposed to be the most depressing day of the year, so it seems like the universe isn't against waking up early, just anything working out on this day.
24th Jan, 2005 09:46 (UTC)
I refuse to believe this, since other days have been, and will be, far more depressing.
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