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Blue Earth

  • 24th Jan, 2005 at 6:07 PM

My quest to take better care of myself continues. I've been to the pharmacy to pick up care products. These things include body lotion, hand lotion, mouthwash, nail files, and facial cleanser. It made me feel incredibly self-conscious walking out with all of those things, mostly because I have almost no idea how to use them properly.

Then I went home, and tried to figure out how they all worked. I suspect I would have looked like a little girl who has just gotten into her mother's cosmetics case. Except I was putting on lip balm instead of lipstick.

On dcoombs's recommendation, I went to Salon Blue Earth, which is at 977 Ste-Catherine W. (514-848-9525) There, I met a hairdresser named Joey, who was quite amused that this was my first time trying to get a real hairstyle. I was quite anxious, because I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I asked for a Caesar cut, but he only heard scissors, so I gave up on this tack. Instead, we eventually worked out that I wanted the sides and back clipped, and the top left a little long so I could style it.

The results are pretty good, and I'm fairly happy with it. While I was there, I splurged and got a shampoo. Oh man, they have the most clever sinks for this type of thing. And it's far more luxurious to have someone else massage your head. Then Joey showed me how to mess up my hair so it looked good, and I bought the molding paste that he recommended. Strangely enough, I can't find molding paste in any of the pharmacies around here, so perhaps it's a specialised item.

You must excuse my excessive enthusiasm and inappropriate overanalysis of the entire situation. It's been such a novel experience that I can't help wonder at the entire process of looking good. Joey recommends that I come back every three weeks (!) to get my hairstyle fixed up. Man, when I went to school, I'd go for four months between haircuts. I think I'll wait a month before going back to get it freshened up.


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24th Jan, 2005 15:24 (UTC)
Style is what you make of it, my friend.

I, for one, think my hair looks better than anyone else's all the time. With exceptions, of course, but by and large this is true. Now, others may disagree, but I think their opinion is bogus.

I also happen to get my hair cut only once every 3 or 4 months or so... the longer it is, the more you can do with it. Of course, past a certain length you need gelatin or egg whites in order to play around, but... you have time until then.

If you want molding paste, go to the guy (I keep forgetting the name of the place) on Bleury between President Kennedy and Sherbrooke. Ask for molding paste, he'll give you GREAT "KMS" stuff. You can also get 'pommade' at any pharmacy/supermarket, which is a cheap molding paste that works the exact same way, but generally has a bit less hold, and works faster, so it's harder to permeate through your hair.

As long as your hair is short, I recommend stronger varieties of hairgel, because on short hair it a) works, b) is cheap. For longer hair, you'll need either egg whites or some form of wax (hair wax is available these days) with hairspray/a nice hot, HOT hairdryer.

You can always try 'mousse' too, if you your hair to curl interestingly.

So you see... there's a price to pay for all this. The price is sanity/money.

If you ever want to try colouring your hair, feel free to shout at me :)
24th Jan, 2005 15:27 (UTC)
Oh, and personally, I would NOT go to Blue Earth. Those people only have a fashion whore's sense of what 'trendy' is, but they have NO creativity.

That's what happens when you have a bunch of wannabe hipsters who hang around Hot Topic too much cutting hair.
24th Jan, 2005 16:24 (UTC)
The KMS stuff is what I use, and is indeed awesome, although a little matte for my taste (I'd like some more shine, wetter look).

At the Cours Mont-Royal, close to the exit that leads to the Peel metro station, there's a salon there that also specializes in having every fricken product under the sun, and if I remember correctly, that tend to be cheaper than others.

My sanity is worth a lot, which is why I am instead keeping my hair shorter, so I can still style it interestingly without resorting to complicated stuff like egg's whites or a dryer. Or I keep it longer and it's "self-styling", but that's a bit riskier. ;-)
24th Jan, 2005 15:35 (UTC)
There is nothing-- NOTHING-- in this world as wonderful as getting your hair shampooed in one of those great sinks.
24th Jan, 2005 16:54 (UTC)
I've always preferred to have my hair cut by a barber than a stylist. I don't get along with stylists. Give me a barber who will chat about fishing and sports and local politics - anything but the hair itself. Of course, I haven't actually been to one for years.
24th Jan, 2005 17:12 (UTC)
You need to post a picture of this new you!
Hey! You're actually voluntarily giving yourself a MAKEOVER??? Hell really has frozen over...I think I'm still in SHOCK and my JAW may be dislocated from DROPPING!!!!!

You NEED to send me a picture of your new look! I'M DYING IN SUSPENSE!
25th Jan, 2005 16:03 (UTC)
My ex- taught me a fair bit about skin care... lemme know if you need tips :) I'm one of the only guys I know who uses exfoliant, for instance...
(Deleted comment)
26th Jan, 2005 08:57 (UTC)
Nah, it's like "uses moisturizer". You can say "uses a moisturizer", but the generic "uses moisturizer" is entirely acceptable.
26th Jan, 2005 09:35 (UTC)
Not only have I decided to exfoliate my face, but now I moisturise too!
30th Oct, 2006 00:21 (UTC)
does francis still work at blue earth?
30th Oct, 2006 00:25 (UTC)
No, he does not. He's been to so many different salons that I no longer keep up with where he works.
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