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Waterloo, one last time

  • 28th Jan, 2005 at 3:12 PM

I'm heading down to Waterloo again. Sadly, I'm going to be quite busy, so I probably won't be able to make spontaneous dinner arrangements.

I found out that travelling by train isn't too expensive due to a BizPak, which makes things almost as cheap as a student fare. Yay!

Now I don't have to lie to Travel Cuts about still being a full-time student. My WatCard says that I am one until April '06. Isn't that nifty?


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(Deleted comment)
28th Jan, 2005 13:59 (UTC)
We do. Submit your résumé, right now to careers@nit.ca. Tell them that sfllaw told you to. I'll make sure they at least look at it. If they like you, you'll get an e-mail saying to show up sometime on the 7th or 8th.
(Deleted comment)
29th Jan, 2005 00:59 (UTC)
Although right now I'm on Cedarbrae, I think I will be too busy to take you up on your offer.

But if you get the job, you'll have plenty of chances to buy me a beer.
28th Jan, 2005 18:13 (UTC)
I like how they give you april 06 stickers even when you will have graduated by then. The woman didn't even check if I was registered, or even ask me for my watcard. Hey, you could be a student until april 07!
28th Jan, 2005 18:14 (UTC)
Oh no. That was me.
28th Jan, 2005 19:29 (UTC)
You devious cracker, you.
28th Jan, 2005 19:59 (UTC)
I think you mean "cracka"
29th Jan, 2005 07:07 (UTC)
Something like that.

I'm not a 1337hax0r like you.
29th Jan, 2005 13:53 (UTC)
I really liked how they gave me one back in 2001, when I was about to graduate the next year. 4 bonus years of being a student! Of course, by the time 2006 rolls around, I'll be looking sufficiently unlike the 17-year-old me on my WatCard that it's not worth trying to extend.
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