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Late again

  • 28th Jan, 2005 at 10:40 PM

I'm sitting in the Metro Coach Terminal, once again thanking my benevolent wireless access point angel. If only he/she could identify him/herself, I would buy a nice gift.

The reason I am sitting here, and not on a bus, is because my train arrived half-an-hour late. Which means that I have to wait until 23:30 before I can get the next bus. Which, according to the schedule, arrives at 1:25 Saturday morning. From what I remember of Greyhound, these travel times are… optimistic.

So I'll probably be there by 2:00, after a taxicab ride and all. This reminds me how much I really do hate the process of travelling. Actually, that's not true. Road tripping with friends has always been rather pleasant, although this is contingent on vehicles not breaking down.



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28th Jan, 2005 22:13 (UTC)
Poor you. :/ Hope you get a good night's sleep anyway. I hate travelling. I always feel like I have a layer of scum covering me after only a few hours on a bus.
29th Jan, 2005 07:09 (UTC)
I got a decent night's sleep, albeit quite warm because this room is heated to tropical temperatures.

I also got to enjoy a very nice hot bath. Submerging yourself in hot water can wash away all sorts of cares. Especially bus-scum.
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