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  • 29th Jan, 2005 at 2:12 AM

I'm in Waterloo now.

The taxicab drivers here are really nice. They don't yammer on cellular phones. They don't insult you. They're happy when you tip. I'm so pleased to ride around here.

Once I got to the place I was staying, I had to ring the doorbell for a good ten minutes before Cale opened his window. Then he took a groggy minute to realise that it was me, and to let me in. But I'm glad he did, because it's a lot colder in Waterloo than it was in Toronto. –23°C, actually.

Now if only the guy in the basement would stop playing heavy metal at this hour.


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29th Jan, 2005 10:23 (UTC)
In Waterloo? I wasn't aware that you were coming up. How long will you be staying? Just for the weekend?
29th Jan, 2005 10:27 (UTC)
Just for the weekend.

I'm leaving Sunday afternoon.

If you want to see me, give Luke a call and see if he wants to entertain a fourth guest.
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