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  • 30th Jan, 2005 at 4:29 PM

I can taste again.

I discovered that last night, when we ate at the Raintree Cafe (220 King Street North, Waterloo, ON. 519-884-4953), I realised that I could actually taste what I was eating. I haven't eaten there at a long time, because they kicked out our GNU Hurd Miniconf when we showed up 15 minutes late. But that's another story.

Sadly, what I tasted wasn't as good as I had hoped to. But I understand what Chef Chu in Eat, drink, man, woman 飲食男女 felt. For a while, all food was sawdust. I didn't know, or care, what I was putting in my mouth. But eating that "mermaid wrap" last night, I realised that I could once again feel the crunch, taste the flavours, and pinpoint the ingredients. They have got to do something about the wrap though, there is no balance to it.

I ate breakfast with such vigour this morning, it surprised me.

Then I found Wikipes, which is a WikiWikiWeb for recipes. Since recipes were the original analogy for Free Software, what could I do but contribute? They don't have very much material, but I'm sure that people will eventually fix that.



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30th Jan, 2005 19:46 (UTC)
飲食男女 is a wonderful movie. :(
31st Jan, 2005 09:00 (UTC)
It was a torturously delicious film.

I saw it on the flight from Toronto to Hong Kong, and it possessed me to learn as much from my paternal grandfather as possible. Although he is not an accomplished chef, he ran a restaurant for many years. Like myself and my father, he is an observer­­­—so he has picked up quite a few tricks and techniques.

I really need to start cooking again.
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