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  • 20th Jan, 2004 at 1:48 AM

I am abysmally bad at avoiding responsibility. I called a bunch of people to come to the Computer Science Club elections today, so that we'd have a reasonable turn-out and people to elect.

News of the results should come from the secretary (sdt) sometime soon. I just e-mailed him the notes I took during the meeting.

I think I'm some form of manager at heart. Which scares me to no extent. Or maybe I'm just a sysadmin.

Anyway, I made up for this by not showing up to Clubs Days this term. Ha ha! The CSC had nobody representing them at Clubs Days. And you know what? I'm not showing up tomorrow either! So there.


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20th Jan, 2004 14:14 (UTC)
You go, you rebel, you!

Simon, being organized and being capable of organizing others isn't a *bad* thing, you know.
20th Jan, 2004 16:14 (UTC)

It is if you hate doing it!

It starts out innocently enough, but then someone asks you to manage a little something, and then before you know it… BAM! you're deep in the middle of management.

It's equivalent to the problem of having your friends know you're good with computers. You know, then you get to answer all their technical questions.

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