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Wandering Toronto streets

  • 31st Jan, 2005 at 4:10 PM

Jeff still insists that Toronto is a horrible wasteland, while I still appreciate its little charms.

Like walking north on Yonge St. and looking into all the varied shops. The used bookstores, the new bookstores, the knicknack stores, the sex shop, the restaurants, the computer stores. All very much like Montréal, actually.

We went to our favourite restaurant, Ethiopian House serves some of the best Ethiopian cuisine I've ever had. It also has a real Ethiopian coffee service. This reminds me of the time that Julie and I went there for dinner, and she had to have coffee and was about to go into Starbucks. Thankfully, she exercised self-control and we had the Ethiopian coffee instead.

Incense and frankincense. Popcorn. Freshly roasted beans wafted in front of your nose. Thick, rich coffee in small cups. This is the way to worship coffee. Not triple mocha lattés with chocolate shavings.

As Jeff and I were heading back to his place, we found some people with large "Québec" signs stuck to their backs. They were giving away freebies, so Jeff and I hopped off the streetcar to greet them. Ontario college students were handing out fleece scarves, and faux postcards advertising romantic getaways in Québec. Here's what one of them says.


I'm finally in Québec and I'm having a great time! It's beautiful here.

And to think, I planned the whole trip at the Government of Québec's official tourist Web site….

And get a real taste of winter … in Québec!

There's more silliness, but I didn't actually want to help them advertise vacationing in Québec. You should really go in the summer, when things actually happen. And the place isn't so damned cold. Besides, if you want a real taste of winter, you should go to Tuktoyuktuk.


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(Deleted comment)
3rd Feb, 2005 06:14 (UTC)
No. I'm back in Montréal now.

Was there any special reason why you're asking?
(Deleted comment)
4th Feb, 2005 00:38 (UTC)
Oh! I didn't know you were in Toronto.

I'd be happy to meet you in person. I'll keep that in mind the next time I go to Toronto. Watch my weblog, I typically announce my intentions to go.
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