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Un amour des thés

  • 2nd Feb, 2005 at 4:21 PM

There's this teashop on Monkland called un amour des thés. Julie would go in every once in a while and pick up some genmaicha 玄米茶, which is her favourite tea. Lots of people know of it, because it's the Japanese green tea that has roasted rice floating around inside it.

My mother's favourite tea is dragon's well 龍井. This is also a green tea, but one that is much grassier in flavour. I walked past this shop on my way to the bakery, and on a whim, I decided to walk in. I purchased some 龍井, along with a cup to brew the tea in.

Now I'm at the office, sipping the fifth infusion. It's really rather nice, even though it's not an incredibly expensive tea. I have shared some with cloquewerk, but he came late and didn't get any of the good stuff from the second infusion.

Maybe next time.

Update: This was supposed to remind me that the boy would works at Un amour des thés was named Guyon. But I had forgotten. Plus, he knows a lot about teas. I'll have to pick his brain.



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3rd Feb, 2005 00:20 (UTC)
You like oolong? If so, try Tung Ting Nen Yu or Tung Ting Chan. Awesome stuff.
3rd Feb, 2005 06:48 (UTC)
I do like that, but only after big meals. My paternal grandfather taught me how to prepare "kung fu tea" 功夫茶, which is typically done with an oolong.

But I'm boring and drink "iron goddess" 鐵觀音.
3rd Feb, 2005 07:04 (UTC)
I'll make you some of my oolong, sometimes, see what you think. I'll have to try these other ones, maybe teach me how "kung fu tea" is done?
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