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Nail clipping

  • 3rd Feb, 2005 at 2:50 PM

I've been spending a little extra time with Timin lately, because it will be hard to see him when he moves away.

He likes to sit on my lap when I hack, and this is usually fine by me. Except he has claws. Hunter-kitty claws.

When he's happy he claws. When he's upset he claws. So it gets a little annoying when I'm typing make and he claws me. I'm upset at build systems too, but I don't injure the people I like even when I'm unhappy.

I resolved to fix this problem by trimming his nails. He was pretty good natured about the right paw, but the left one is a touchy one for him. I fed him some treats and told him he was good. Maybe later he'll come back and I can finish the job.



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3rd Feb, 2005 20:54 (UTC)
I haven't decided what's worse - clipping iguana nails or cat nails.

The last time I clipped Erdos's nails it went remarkably well - I put him on my bed and lifted each "hand" one at a time, rather than holding his whole body while I did it. But if he wants to make a fuss, I end up bloodied.
3rd Feb, 2005 20:55 (UTC)
I've been earning Timin's trust, so it's OK.

Whenever he's unhappy, he gives me play-bites. So I lay off for a while and tell him he's been good.
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