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vegetable: adjective

  • 4th Feb, 2005 at 6:28 PM

Jeff and Angie are two of my very good friends. They are also vegans. These two facts are not correlated, but are important for this story.

After my adventure at the gym, we all decide to go out for sushi. Since I burnt off an entire spare tire doing my workout, I knew I would be really hungry if I didn't eat.

So we sit down with Sharon and start perusing the menus. I ask Jeff what's good to eat and Sharon wonders, "Oh, are you vegetarian too?"

To which I reply, "No, I'm just polite."

"Me too."

The waitress comes by to take our orders. When the food arrives, I notice that Jeff, Angie and I have all received vegan tempura and vegan maki. Whereas Sharon is tucking into a chicken teriyaki bento box with salmon and tuna maki.

Perhaps she has an interesting definition for vegetable.


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5th Feb, 2005 00:26 (UTC)
Ambulatory corn
Maybe Sharon feels that Chicken is a form of ambulatory corn.
5th Feb, 2005 08:32 (UTC)
Maybe she meant "are you vegetarian like these two people too?", rather than "are you vegetarian like me?". And "me too" not vegetarian, but polite.
5th Feb, 2005 08:57 (UTC)
By politeness, I would have thought she would abstain from eating meat since nobody else would have been.

But what do I know about manners, hmm?
5th Feb, 2005 09:05 (UTC)
You probably know more than I do. I'd have no qualms at eating meat, and yes, you asking known vegans what's good to eat would make me think you might be vegan too. But what is she polite about, then? Maybe she just meant "me too" to the "no". Still, that's a bit odd.

To each his own.
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