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A summary

  • 21st Feb, 2005 at 7:23 AM
  • Thai seafood curry with dcoombs. Almond and peanut chicken. Very tasty.
  • Lots of leftovers. Curry is better the next day.
  • Talked until 3:00 this morning. We were very sad.
  • Woken up at 6:20 by people leaving the house for Brock. That's because I slept in the hallway.
  • Beer bottles and pizza boxes are strewn everywhere. Stephen, please clean up.
  • Packing backpack with gym stuff. Should be there by 9:00. Can't let Allison down.
  • Ow. Cut in finger still unhealed.
  • Groggy and slightly incoherent. I ❤ point-form notes.
  • I also ❤ my pressure cooker. Hug!
  • And Unicode.
  • Oooh. I'm being silly. Wish I could sleep more.