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Hang on

  • 21st Feb, 2005 at 7:13 PM
On the couch, her breath falters,
No one could know, no one did err.
A soul slips through our fingers.
Hang on to her.

Sometimes, you couldn't weather
The storm. Recall the light she lit.
Her gift to you—forever.
Hang on to it.

Grow old, my friends. Live life long.
With each of us, she still lives on.
In later days, sing her song.
Hang on.
                Hang on.

Simon Law
21 February 2005, 19:00.
Montréal, QC.



22nd Feb, 2005 01:51 (UTC)
Do you mind putting these behind a cut so I can mentally prepare myself before reading them?
22nd Feb, 2005 04:49 (UTC)
Of course!

So sorry I didn't think of it before.