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  • 22nd Feb, 2005 at 10:46 PM

I went to the Vieux Dublin with some old and new friends. Our table didn't have a lot of people, nor did it have a lot of conversation. There really wasn't much to be said.

I did, however, order a cheeseburger that was exceptionally good. And they asked me how I wanted it cooked. Rare, of course. So here it comes, and the onion rings are horrid and the chips are limp like they are everywhere in this province. However, the burger was very juicy and very rare. This reminds me that I have to get a food processor so that I can mince beef.

Yes, I know you can do it with two knives. Yes, I have done it before. Yes, it is very meditative. But no, it is not convenient at all.


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23rd Feb, 2005 13:46 (UTC)
If you do get a food processor, minced leftover prime rib makes amazing sheppard's pie.
23rd Feb, 2005 14:21 (UTC)
If only I ate meat and potatos more often.
23rd Feb, 2005 17:23 (UTC)
I'd like to point out that when it comes to hamburger, there's no such thing as "rare". There's "cooked" and there's "not cooked", aka "won't poison you" and "might poison you".
23rd Feb, 2005 17:46 (UTC)
Well-done hamburgers don't make life worth living.

As long as the kitchen is sanitary and they mince the meat moments before cooking, there is barely any health risk at all.
23rd Feb, 2005 19:28 (UTC)
I think I'd put pretty long odds on the kitchen in Vieux Dublin mincing any meat at all, let alone moments before cooking.

I'm not even sure I buy that explanation, but I haven't looked into it that much; the problem as I understand it is that bacteria grow on the outer surface of the meat. A rare or even blue steak is fine because the outer surface has still been cooked, but once the meat has been minced then any bacteria from the outer surface are now mixed in with all the rest.

If you want to be completely traumatized about this, go read "Fast Food Nation".
23rd Feb, 2005 19:47 (UTC)
Cut off the outer layer of your meat before mincing. That's what I do.

And I have read Fast Food Nation. It's a good book, and slightly out of date. But an educational read nevertheless.
23rd Feb, 2005 19:55 (UTC)
Ah, that'd do it. However, I think this is yet another thing neglected by basically every restaurant in existence.
23rd Feb, 2005 20:36 (UTC)
I haven't died yet.

And I eat kitfo and steak tartare. So I must be going to restaurants that are doing something right.
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