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Beyond help

  • 28th Feb, 2005 at 12:39 PM

Last night, I was walking to cloquewerk's place to socialise and play a board game. I walked out of Vendôme station and crossed de Masionneuve. As I headed towards Decarie, I saw a bicyclist round the corner and head up the hill towards me.

I didn't pay him much attention until I heard the clanking of metal. The cargo trailer on wheels that was attached to his bike was now a couple of metres behind him. Since he was wearing dark colours, and stuck in the middle of the road, I was worried for him.

I looked both ways, crossed the street, and set my backpack down. With the reflective strip facing oncoming traffic.

I looked at his bike, which looked worn but well-cared for. The rider was a man with a scraggily white beard. Sort of like a wild-haired, wild-eyed Unix hacker. But in better shape.

"Hey there, can I help," I offered.

"No, I'm afraid I'm beyond that."