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Free Food

  • 28th Jan, 2004 at 11:28 PM

Wow! NITI is such a cool company that when they promise free food, they actually deliver. They were even handing out Free Beer there, which is good. I think they sold the company alright, and I had a fun time walking around and answering questions about what it's like to work there. Lots of people seemed fun, and it looked like all had a good time.

It was interesting to see the place packed full of students. It's like a Microsoft presentation, minus the free gifts. I think some people were pretty interested in the technology and the work environment, and I think one guy was pumping Jim and I for information on interviewing.

N.B. The free food was Weaver's Arms food, which wasn't so good. But their wings are now bigger and tastier, so I might consider going there more often.

Speaking of food, Jim and I are going to go with Dave Coombs and Joe "Not Charles" Mason to lunch tomorrow. Somehow, we're going to go to some mythical Chinese restaurant in Cambridge where they serve UltimateSpringRolls. I have to try these, as Avery and Dave claim that they are the world's best. We shall see.