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Spring Rolls

  • 29th Jan, 2004 at 2:45 PM

As agreed upon last night, Joe, Dave and I went to eat spring rolls.

I met them at the CECS building and we drove to Cambridge. There we arrived at the Mecca of Spring Rolls: Ben Thanh Viet-Thai. The place was nice, and it looked like they put a lot of care into renovating. It was really bright and sunny indoors.

We each had a plate of spring rolls (#501 at $2.75) and then ordered some other sundry stuff. The spring rolls were pretty nice, they appeared to be bean sprouts, shitake mushrooms, vermicelli and baby-shrimps wrapped in a bean-sheet and then deep fried. What was really addictive was the fish sauce. It tasted like fish sauce, lime, rice vinegar and white sugar with chopped chili and carrot floating around inside it. I pored this sauce over my pad thai and it was really good.

So obviously, it isn't the spring rolls that are amazing. It's this sauce. I'm going to try to reproduce it at home so that I can make lots of friends. Although Dave seems to believe that they put crack in it.