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I keep going back

  • 10th Mar, 2005 at 5:47 PM

I guess I really fell in love with that dorky college town, because I'm going back to Waterloo on Tuesday. dcoombs will be picking up the rental car bright and early, and we shall make the long drive to Waterloo.

There will be a group interview in the afternoon, and then we shall meet up with Jim for dinner. After that, I crash at his place.

The next day, we're going to interview some Human Cannonball candidates and, with any luck, we'll find people we like.

After that, I say goodbye to dcoombs and I sit around at Jim's place for the next two days. This is to force myself to get WvStreams 4.0.2 out the door. Which I've been saying for months now.

I'll be returning Sunday night. Maybe I'll be insane and splurge for the overnight?

Update: I guess I'll be back in Montréal and hopping back down. Ah well, I guess I will splurge on overnight travel then.

Update: Not going on Tuesday. I'll arrive later.


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11th Mar, 2005 06:44 (UTC)
You're pretty lucky to have good reason to return to Waterloo. Nothing helps more giving motivation/urgency/justification for what is, in fact, a fairly long journey.

Anyway, here's hoping you have a good, relaxing trip.
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