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I curse telephones!

  • 6th Dec, 2003 at 3:06 PM

I'm happily showering, singing a corny song from the seventies when the telephone rings. I think, "someone must be trying to reach me with an important message."

With that, I grab my towel and leap out of the shower. I run out the bathroom, and turn the corner.

Or my feet point around the corner, uselessly slipping against the ceramic tile. Damn water! My inertia leads them slamming into the opposite wall, which means they are no longer underneath me.

Without any support, I begin to fall. Luckily, I have this tabletop standing vertically outside the bathroom door; so I catch it to stop my fall. Unluckily, I catch it with my underarm, which is now developing a great big bruise. Oh yeah, now my forearm hurts too; those tendons must be quite unhappy.


The phone call? It's for some people named "Eric" or "Paul". No-one by that name lives here. Why do I even bother to have a telephone?


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7th Dec, 2003 05:35 (UTC)
A $10 used answering machine could save you $hundreds$ in physiotherapy.
7th Dec, 2003 12:24 (UTC)
The sad thing is, I have an answering machine. I just thought that the call was one that I was expecting.

E-mail's the way to go, I tell you. E-mail.
18th Dec, 2003 00:26 (UTC)
Hey, congrats on getting an LJ :) It's a cult, I tell ya!

And email is definitely the way to go.
18th Dec, 2003 00:36 (UTC)
Push vs. pull
I am most certainly a believe in pull technologies. No doubt about it. I hate being interrupted.
18th Dec, 2003 00:44 (UTC)
Re: Push vs. pull
a) You should be asleep, especially with a cold.
b) Explain the push vs. pull concept?
c) Wanna be WatCHI exec next term? We're going strong now!
18th Dec, 2003 00:54 (UTC)
Re: Push vs. pull
  1. You're right. I should be, but I'm still hacking away at work. Going to head off to bed soon, though.
  2. Pushing is where someone gives information to you. That is, he demands your attention. Pulling on the other hand is where you request information from someone else. Telephones are push technology because the caller forces you to acknowledge his information. E-mail is a pull technology because you the information is queued up until you want to process it.
  3. Ah no. I'm going to be very busy next term and cannot take up new responsibilities. Sorry!
18th Dec, 2003 01:11 (UTC)
Re: Push vs. pull
  1. Good. Sleep well :)

  2. There are other aspects one must consider when comparing these two, but I won't start that discussion now. It's late and you're busy.

  3. Well, at least come out to the events! The Design Challenge was a huge success; I think you'd have enjoyed it.
18th Dec, 2003 00:27 (UTC)
Speaking of which, are you still on systems-committee? :)
18th Dec, 2003 00:37 (UTC)
With great power...
Yes, I still am until the new executive are appointed. However, I am quite busy so you may get better response times from the other committee members.
18th Dec, 2003 00:52 (UTC)
Re: With great power...
Oh, you mean better than the utter silence so far? That's unlikely; I don't even know who is on the rest of the committe other than Stefanus, who has been spectacularly useless to date.
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