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All alone in the light

  • 14th Mar, 2005 at 8:40 AM

I came into the office and the alarum system was still set. Nobody's here yet, not even the early risers. I suspect it has something to do with last night's revelry.

I shrugged and put my tiramisù in the fridge. It's really bizzarre to be here early in the morning all by oneself. Now I hie me off to the gym.



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14th Mar, 2005 15:38 (UTC)
I sometime arrived first after 9:30AM....
14th Mar, 2005 16:47 (UTC)
You rock!

There was a time when I would be consistently first to the office at about 8:00.

This was when I was living in a 1½ on Milton. The sunrise would hit me right in the eyes, which would cause me to roll out of bed and get dressed. Then I'd walk to Patisserie Belge, grab a baguette, and eat it on my way to work. Since I was a ten minute walk away, this wasn't particularly painful.

It also helped that glare constantly prevented me from using my computer during the day. So working from home was ludicrously difficult.
14th Mar, 2005 17:59 (UTC)
What's the tiramisu in honour of? Also, could you please post your recipe sometime? I use a different recipe every time, and I'd be intrigued to try yours.

The last time I made tiramisu, it was a friend's birthday so I lined a springform pan with lady finger's I'd dipped in chocolate, and added a tiny bit of gelatin to the mascarpone mixture so it would be sliceable. (I was also more conservative than usual when soaking the ladyfingers for the middle.) It was really impressive looking, although definitely the most expensive birthday cake I've ever made.
14th Mar, 2005 19:16 (UTC)
It's just dessert for a dinner party. I tend to go overboard for these sorts of things.

I will post the recipe later tonight, although it is a rather plain one based on the Joy of Cooking's version. Nothing spectacularly fancy, only very honest and very good ingredients.
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