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Zen Shiatsu

  • 17th Mar, 2005 at 5:11 PM

Last night, I went to see aeon_of_matt aeon_of_maat for Zen Shiatsu.

I knew about his practise for quite a while, and Julie would sometimes try getting me to go. But I was always too busy or too tired, so I never did.

In any event, LiveJournal is awesome in that it connects people; otherwise I never would have seen this and be reminded that I actually want to try massage out.

For me, massage has always been rather uncomfortable because I have very tense shoulders all my life, and they tense up more when I'm in pain. So I've been loathe to introduce more discomfort in my life. Since Julie is rather discriminating in these areas, I thought I'd give this a try.

I showed up a couple of minutes early outside the block of offices, and had the most difficult time actually finding the door. Thankfully, aeon_of_maat noticed a person wandering about the storefronts and asked if I was Simon. He unlocked the door, and we went up the stairs to what appears to have been a converted flat.

His workroom has nice, but spartan decorations. He put on a CD and I filled out some paperwork. The massage I got was very different than the other types I've tried and it actually was pretty good. aeon_of_maat was incredibly professional and always communicated what he was about to do, which put me at ease and also satisfied my ever-analytical curiousity.

All in all, I guess Julie was right about this whole massage thing. Not painful, fairly relaxing, and I'm a little more flexible. I'm going back next week to see if it continues to help.


17th Mar, 2005 23:00 (UTC)
I guess so.

What a difficult to spell username.

Not easy like sfflaw.