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Waterloo bound

  • 17th Mar, 2005 at 6:40 PM

At 23:30, I'll be hoping on a train bound for Toronto. Then when I arrive, I'll trek to the coach terminal and get on a bus for Waterloo. During this entire time I will be lost to the world because I am not bringing my laptop.

I'll be busy socialising with people once I get into town—something that I so rarely do. I think with proper pacing I won't get too tired out, and might actually enjoy it. And there's going to be some cooking going on, so that will be something to fall back on when I can no longer make small talk.

Curse my introverted tendencies.


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18th Mar, 2005 02:58 (UTC)
Crap, can you bring my spivak and my red algebra book!
18th Mar, 2005 03:06 (UTC)
Sorry, I am not at home right now and can't head back there. Plus, I have yet to open your boxes of books so I don't know where they are.

I remember your saying something about Spivak earlier in the term but it completely slipped my mind for this trip.
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